Wastewater Treatment

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Wastewater Treatment System

The Wastewater Treatment System interface displays and controls the parameters by which the process wastewater is treated and discharged to the POTW. The Batch Treatment System has pH control which automatically neutralizes the liquid in the tank to the level acceptable for discharge. Some of the items monitored and controlled through the PLC are the following:
  • Level in Treatment Tank
  • pH of Tank
  • Addition of Acid and Caustic
  • Circulation of Tank
  • Set Points of Treatment
  • Level in Acid and Caustic Drums
  • Treatment Alarms
  • Operator Test Points
  • Discharge to POTW
The Wastewater Treatment System prompts the operator when it has reached a sufficient level to treat a batch. The operator also has the option to start the treatment cycle at any convenient time. Once the batch is initiated, the automatic treatment feature frees up the operator until the cycle is complete.
When designing a system, Mech-Chem understands that an operator has several job functions which include: production, process bath maintenance, overall facility maintenance and cleanliness. This requires sub-systems, such as wastewater treatment, to operate reliably and automatically, allowing the operator to attend to other functions.

Advantages of a Mech-Chem system are:
  • Fully Automatic pH Adjust
  • Reagent Chemistry Level Monitoring
  • Minimum Operator Interface