Turnkey Design Build

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Full Facility Design & Build

Mech-Chem Associates designs, builds and installs fully automated chemical milling systems such as those that produce parts for the aerospace industry. Mech-Chem interacts with our Clients to formulate the conceptual design, and then manages the project through to permitting, erection and system start-up.

Truck Containment

Delivery of new acids and removal of waste acids are of particular concern. Truck containment areas are designed in to allow a secure area for the acid and waste acid transfer process to take place. This ensures that no possible leakage of chemistry could impact the surrounding area.

Environmental and Operator Safety

Facilities incorporate state of the art technology to protect the operators as well as the environment. Trenches are incorporated to keep pipes carrying hazardous materials from being installed overhead. This along with double walled contained piping and leak detection systems, insure safe operating conditions for everyone in the facility.

Turn Key Operation

From concrete and structural design, to system fabrication and start-up, Mech-Chem Associates is a complete design build engineering company that has a staff of engineers to meet all the needs required for any size project.

Controls and Power Distribution

Mech-Chem Associates also designs, builds, installs and starts-up the control systems for a fully automated facility, including power distribution for a new or refurbished facility.

Chemical Handling

Mech-Chem institutes self contained, atmospherically controlled and splash proof material handling systems to help guard against fumes or chemistry entering the work area. From chemical pump and valving boxes to containment pans, all areas of safety are covered. These pump housings and spill containment pans are also ventilated and monitored electronically for any leaks.

Fume and Process Integration

Mech-Chem Associates designs and lays out the air flow, from air make-up to duct and hood sizes, as well as the size of the scrubber, in order to capture fumes not just from the process tanks, but also from storage tanks, reagent chemistry drums and totes, pits and other areas where vapors accumulate. For better processing and safety, process bath monitoring is essential. Precise Chem Mill processing requires that the temperature of the process tanks is controlled within a specific range. This requires a heating and cooling system as well as chemical resistant process circulation loops.