Material Handling Systems

Material handling systems provide the link between your raw material storage and the manufacturing process. Having the correctly designed and built system can make your operation more efficient and safer.

Material Handling System Mech-Chem’s material handling systems are better because they based on a standard basic design with strong structural components which can be easily modified to meet the geometrical requirements of your manufacturing operations. The basic design is a Mechanized Feed Hopper designed for the measurement and dispensing of dry chemicals.

The system features construction that allows it to be easily cleaned, provide highly accurate measurements, and safer for employee by reducing the potential for back and other physical injuries.

And being custom designed doesn’t make it more expensive – because the system is a standard design that is custom built, you will find that our systems are less expensive and more reliable than standardized modular systems which may require you to purchase features that you don’t need.

Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. can provide you with a material handling and delivery system which can handle:

  • Reactor Loading
  • Compounding Operations
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Fine Chemical Production
  • Biotech Industry Applications

Example of a System

The photos on this page illustrate the components of a Mechanized Feed Hopper system for feeding dry powders and solid compounds into reactors and mixing vessels for the preparation of chemical and pharmaceutical formulations, plastics/dry chemical compounding and other batch processing applications. The system is designed to accurately weigh each ingredient in a movable hopper with mechanical actuated valve on the bottom.

The mechanical life locks the feed bin in place and then elevates and positions it over the manway or feed port on the reactor or mixing vessel. The system is manufactured with a portable stainless steel feed bin to meet pharmaceutical and biotech processing requirements. Stainless steel is used to manufacture the weigh and dispensing hopper.