Operator Interface

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Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. engineers and designs operator interface screens to allow equipment and set point parameters to be adjusted. The chemical milling facility is reviewed and subdivided into several systems. Each system has a screen which functions as the monitoring and control point. These screens allow for viewing of equipment operation, as well as display of the alarms and set points.

Fume Scrubbing System

One of the systems monitored and controlled is the fume scrubbing and air makeup system. Several key points are controlled and alarms are programmed in the PLC to control and to indicate if any of the equipment or operating criteria is not met.

  • Circulation Pumps Start/Stop Control
  • Motor Overload
  • Circulation Flow Rate
  • Chemical Feed Pump
  • pH of Reservoir
  • pH Set Points
  • Level in Scrubber Reservoir
  • Blow Down
  • Chemical Feed Drum Level
  • Makeup Air System Flow
  • Push Air System Flow
  • Static Pressure of Scrubber
  • Water Makeup
  • Makeup Air and Scrubber Blower