Acid Recovery & Reclamation Systems

Welcome to Mech-Chem Associates’ Acid Recovery Web Site. We are a full-service design and build firm with specialized knowledge and experience in the Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Commissioning of Acid Recovery and Reclamation Systems:




Acid Recovery & Reclamation Systems
Diffusion Dialysis Systems
  • Dissolved Solids Removal
  • Acid Purification & Recovery
  • Ion Exchange Membrane Technology
  • Applicable to All Strong Acids
Filtration and Centrifuging Technologies
  • Solid / Liquid Separation
  • Suspended Solids Removal
  • Particulate Filtration
  • Designed for All Acid Applications
Distillation Systems
  • Liquid / Liquid Separations
  • Acid Separation & Recovery
  • Acid Purification & Concentration
  • For Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric, and Nitric Acids
Gas / Acid Absorption Systems
  • Acid Capture & Control
  • Acid Concentration
Vacuum Evaporator Technology
  • Acid Concentration Technology
  • Applicable to All Strong Acids

Providing Solutions For Your Waste Acid Problems

Waste acid solutions are among the most troublesome waste products produced by a manufacturing process and one of the most expensive to dispose of. For many companies it constitutes the largest source of hazardous waste.

The solution to acid treatment and disposal problems is to recover and reuse the waste acid solution. However, in the past, this was usually not thought of as a viable solution because it requires specific expertise to safely accomplish the recovery and reclamation of waste acid solutions. This is knowledge and expertise that Mech-Chem Associates Inc. possesses.

The expertise needed for successful acid recovery is in three areas:

Knowledge of Acids – Mech-Chem has built recovery and reclamation systems for nitric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, fluoboric, methanesulfonic and sulfuric acids and mixtures of these acids. Mech-Chem has not only designed, engineered and built acid recovery systems, but also the chemical storage, piping systems, and processes that are part of an overall acid process.

Knowledge of Regulations and Safety Codes – When dealing with highly corrosive materials such as waste acid solutions, it is important for all equipment and systems to be in regulatory compliance and meet your company’s safety guidelines. Mech-Chem builds systems to handle the corrosive environment with NEMA 4X wiring and controls which meet OSHA and EPA requirements.

Knowledge of Materials of Construction – At the heart of a successful acid recovery system is choosing the proper materials of construction. The right materials will provide the resistance to corrosion that is necessary to provide the safe, efficient operation of the system. Mech-Chem has the experience and knowledge necessary to select the proper materials of construction based on the specific acid and its concentration in the waste solution and effectively use them (both technically and cost-wise) in our designs.

Acid recovery systems are designed to recover and recycle mixed waste acid streams from manufacturing operations. Systems that produce such a stream include:

Metal finishing, plating, steel processing, electronics, microchip manufacturing and stainless steel production.