Vacuum Evaporators

We can recover hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrofluoric acid (HF), nitric acid (HNO3), and sulfuric acid (H2SO4) or mixtures of these acids. Systems are designed to provide the separation and purification of the acids for the reuse in the manufacturing process.

Mech-Chem’s vacuum evaporation systems are uniquely designed to provide several safety environmental and economic advantages.

By operating under vacuum, the client experiences the following:

  • Operating at lower temperatures
  • Reduced energy costs
  • No vapor leaks
  • No air emissions
  • No environmental permitting required
  • Fully closed loop system

The use of vacuum provides for a low temperature, safe, and environmentally clean (no air emissions) system. In addition, the vacuum evaporation systems produce high-purity acids while generating minimal waste for treatment or disposal.

Vacuum Evaporators Applications

Mech-Chem’s single effect vacuum evaporators use conventional climbing film evaporative principles in a horizontal tube arrangement.
The vacuum evaporator is designed to produce a high purity distillate while maximizing volume reduction of the waste, wastewater, or waste acid solution being processed.

Mech-Chem fabricates each vacuum evaporator using the appropriate materials of construction for the specified application (i.e. wastewater, sale solution or acid solution). This provide maximum corrosion resistance with a long service life and low maintenance.
The vacuum evaporators are also equipped with NEMA 4X electrical components and PLC controls. This provides an automated evaporation system that is reliable and easy to operate.

Vacuum evaporators from Mech-Chem Associates produces clean, distilled water with non-detectable metals including mercury and molybdenum, making the water suitable for recycling. They can be used for the recovery of metals from concentrate by-products by reclaimers, concentrating plating baths for recycling, or producing high concentrations of waste and reusable by-products. Vacuum evaporators can also be used for the recovery of mixed acid solutions and are capable of producing a 50-60% wt% high purity nitric acid solution.

Evaporative capacities range from 5 to 1,000 GPH (Gallons Per Hour). All of Mech-Chem’s evaporators are skid-mounted with the concentrate and distillate tanks included on the skid. Our evaporators are equipped with automatic valves and instrumentation with a user-friendly PLC control panel. The evaporators can be built with a conventional design for industries with steam, hot water or virtually any waste heat source, or can be build in a all-electric design.


Wastewater and Rinse Water Recovery

  • Meet stringent or non-detectable metal limits
  • Meet non-detectable mercury limits
  • Meet new molybdenum limits
  • Removal and recovery of heavy metals
  • Used in conjunction with UF/RO or Ion Exchange to create zero discharge systems

Acid Recovery and Recycling

  • Recovery 80% to 90% of acid solution
  • Eliminate off-site disposal of waste acid solutions
  • Raw material costs savings by recycling
  • Eliminate risk of shipping hazardous chemicals
  • Eliminate “cradle to grave” liability
  • Save on manifesting and shipping costs

Metals Concentration and Recovery

  • Chem mill solutions
  • Acid etch solutions
  • Metal dissolving acid solutions
  • Concentration of plating solutions
  • Recycling of plating bath metals
  • Concentration of metals bearing solutions

Benefits of Vacuum Evaporation

  • Operates at lower temperatures
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Vacuum system with no air emissions
  • Eliminates potential for vapor leaks
  • No external vacuum source
  • No environmental permitting required
  • Maximum waste/wastewater reduction
  • Produces high purity acids
  • Safe design (meets OSHA requirements)