Waste Disposal

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Disposal of Concentrated Waste

Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. incorporates concentrated waste removal into the overall facility design. This strong dump tank stores the spent process solution. The waste is then shipped off site via a tanker truck.  Special care is used in the design and implementation of this system to protect the operators and the environment.

Some of the items monitored and controlled through the PLC are:

  • Level in Storage Tank
  • Valve Positioning
  • Prior to Transfer
  • Spill Detection in
  • Truck Containment
  • Automatic System Shutdown
  • Remote Emergency Stop

This system is designed to make the operator aware of each step in the process that is required to secure a safe transfer of waste from the storage tank to the tanker truck.

The PLC monitors valve locations as well as level in the tank. The operator and truck driver are required to verify everything from proper hose connections to the truck to functionality of the shower and eyewash stations.