Benefits of Recycling and Recovery

Many industrial processes generate a dilute, contaminated or mixed acid waste stream. Disposal of such waste streams is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Most waste acid solutions are relativity uncontaminated and can be purified, concentrated, and recycled back to the manufacturing process. This produces savings in raw materials costs, waste disposal costs, and meeting EPA compliance regulations.

Mech-Chem’s waste acid reclamation and recovery systems are the solution to your current waste acid treatment and disposal problems. Our systems are designed to recover your waste acid as a purified solution for reuse in your manufacturing operations.

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Mech-Chem’s acid recovery and reclamation systems significantly reduce or eliminate the costs associated with on-site treatment or off-site disposal of waste acid solutions. In addition, the recovery of your waste acid solution eliminates the safety and environmental risk associated with the handling and transporting of acid solutions.

In order to accomplish this, Mech-Chem utilizes a variety of technologies, equipment, and processing systems. These acid processing systems are custom designed with the appropriate materials of construction based on the waste acid solutions to be recovered.

Emphasis is on fully automated processing and recovery systems with PLC/PC controls which are designed to meet your specific requirements and manufacturing environment.

Materials of Construction

The materials of construction for each distillation system or vacuum evaporator are carefully chosen to ensure maximum life in this aggressive duty. All wetted parts in contact with the acid are made from the appropriate materials of construction for each specific application. Each type of acid and mixed acid solution requires uniquely different materials of construction for the equipment, piping and controls. The instrumentation and controls are NEMA 4X construction to handle the corrosive environment created by the acids.