System Integration

Sometimes a scrubber by itself just isn’t enough. From designing and engineering a full fume control system to ensuring its compatibility with your existing operations, Mech-Chem has the engineering and design-build experience to make it work.

Our fume scrubbing systems feature control panels with automation and monitoring for air and liquid flow, water make-up and low-level pump shut off. An automated pH control feature is also available which monitors and controls the pH by the addition of caustic.

This integration is a reflection of our awareness of the challenges facing American industry as it attempts to maintain profitable production while providing a safe, healthy environment for its employees and surrounding community. Our designers and engineers will work with you to meet these challenges and develop new and better ways to deal with increasingly complex air and environmental control problems./

Our efficiency in system integration also stems from the fact that our sales, engineering, design and installation services are handled all by Mech-Chem, insuring that you get the best possible service with just one phone call.