Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. designs and installs all kinds of chemical and pharmaceutical equipment – from storage tanks to fume scrubbers and wastewater evaporators. This extensive, in-depth experience makes us a good qualified source for installing exhaust systems and fume scrubbers for chemical, metal, and electronics manufacturing processes.

Many companies fabricate and sell fume scrubbers, however they leave it up to you to install the equipment. Mech-Chem not only offers well designed, efficient scrubbers but we can provide installation and system integration services performed by qualified engineers and installers.

Additionally, if you are in the New England area, or nearby Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, Mech-Chem can represent a significant cost savings as we are a primary fume scrubber manufacturer and installer located in the region. This eliminates the need for costly travel for delivery and installation. We construct and install our scrubbers anywhere in the country, but if you are looking for a cost-effective solution in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic region, then Mech-Chem is your best choice.

We also fabricate all the associated ductwork, stacks, tanks, and process equipment to provide a complete solution for our customers’ needs.

Our total fume scrubber installation services include:

  • Rigging and removal of existing blower and stack
  • Rig and install new blower
  • Rig and install new PVC stack
  • Rig and install the fume scrubber
  • Fabricate and install PVC ductwork
  • Fabricate and install interconnecting PVC ductwork
  • Install recirculating pump and piping
  • Install control panel containing all necessary pH, level, pump, and blower controls
  • Install pH and level controls
  • Wire pH and level controls
  • Wire recirculation pump
  • Test system and calibrate instruments
  • Start up system
  • Operator training