Controls and Instrumentation

Advanced Automation

Control Panel Controls and instrumentation provide the link between employees and the complex electronically-controlled processes that are a part of your facility. The ability to easily control, respond to, and understand your system is very important for product cost, product quality and the safety of your facility and employees. This is why it is important to ensure that they are easy to understand and easy to use while providing the necessary safety and control. The instrumentation and controls for a process system is determined by safety requirements, the need for operator control and the automation philosophy of the client. Automating a process can save significantly on operating costs and greatly reduce the exposure of employees to hazardous chemicals or circumstances.

Experience with Systems

Mech-Chem’s instrumentation and control systems are designed by control and programming specialists. The systems feature easy to understand and operate interfaces with accurate graphical representation. Each control and instrumentation system is custom designed and programmed according to the engineering and design drawings supplied by Mech-Chem. These control systems are designed to reduce any Resistance to Change (“RTC”) factors by creating Graphical User Interfaces (“GUIs”) that are easy to use and familiar in their look and feel to operating personnel.

Codes and Regulations

All PLC/PC systems are built to NFPA, NEMA, UL, and NEC codes, as required, and are fabricated from materials that can withstand aggressive chemical environments in which they are installed. Mech-Chem can provide control panels for the simple switching and control of operations. These control panels feature easy-to-read controls and are built to handle corrosive environments and meet applicable NEC codes

Example of the high level of workmanship found in a Mech-Chem control panel.

Above is an example of an easily understood graphic interface. Using logical graphics and a touch screen control, a process operator can easily control machinery, tank levels, pumps and material flow.

Click on the graphic to see a larger version.

Instrumentation can include alarms such as the panel seen above in the text, or with charts to record the process being monitored as seen here.

Service Parts and Equipment

Does your fume scrubber need cleaning? We provide preventative maintenance and repair services along with tank inspections, calibration, programming controls, and more. We also have a wide selection of equipment such as corrosive-free sinks, cabinets, shelving, and lab hoods.