Fume Scrubbers

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Mech-Chem fabricates many types of scrubbers that are used for removing undesirable acid fumes, chemical substances or odors from the gas stream. These scrubbers offer:

  • Converting elements in gas streams into more useful substances
  • Removing particles from gas streams
  • A variety of sizes, with the standard sizes being: 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ diameter scrubbers.
  • Mech-Chem can also custom-design and fabricate both vertical and horizontal scrubbers according to your needs.
  • Materials of construction used vary depending on the chemical and process environments required

Fume scrubbers manufactured by Mech-Chem are individually designed to remove mist, entrained liquid particles, noxious corrosive gases and vapors from the exhaust air stream. A packed bed using Lantec packing is the heart of the scrubber. Pollutant gases can generally be removed to any desired concentrations to meet local air pollution regulations. The pollutants are removed by means of:

  • Gas Absorption – Noxious or otherwise undesirable gasses are absorbed into the liquid phase.
  • Impingement – Particulate matter is removed through impingement as it is first forced through a wetted packed bed and then through a chevron blade or mesh pad filter section.

Construction and Engineering

Mech-Chem utilizes its extensive knowledge about materials of construction, chemical process design, and experience with scrubbers in our system applications to design, engineer and construct the best, most efficient fume scrubbers available.

An example of a specialized fume scrubber can be found to the left. This fume scrubber was constructed of Hastelloy C-276 with all explosion proof instrumentation and controls. The fume scrubber handles solvent fumes containing HF, HCl, and HNO3 acids.

Regardless of how specialized a fume scrubber needs to be, Mech-Chem provides the design calculations, air flow requirements, specification performance data, and removal efficiency for obtaining the air permit.

Scrubbers can be manufactured from specialty metals, such as stainless steel and hastelloy C, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), or thermoplastics such as PVC or polypropylene, depending upon each application. Each scrubber application is individually designed and engineered. These units are used to help companies comply with emission control for EPA regulations or to preserve the quality of the environment for workers and the community.

Mech-Chem’s scrubbers are constructed according to the highest quality standards in the industry and are built for maximum corrosion resistance under the most severe duty conditions.

Suitable Applications

Mech-Chem’s scrubbers can perform the removal of acidic, alkaline, soluble organic gasses, vapors, and odors from a gas stream. The packed bed technology scrubbing covers the widest range of vapor and gas scrubbing applications.

Being an independent fabricator of fume scrubbers allows us to choose the best materials of construction, as well as choose the best packing for your application. We have designed and/or specified scrubbers for the following applications:

  • Metal Pickling Lines
  • ChemicalCleaning/Milling Lines
  • Acid Etching Lines
  • Acid /Chemical Bulk Storage
  • Solvent Bulk Storage
  • Metal Finishing Lines
  • Metal Plating Lines
  • Chemical Mixing Operations
  • Chemical Processing Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Blending
  • Pharmaceutical Production


Our scrubbers feature a high amount of active surface area with random dumped packing. The packing material chosen is based on the applications, ensuring that it breaks the liquid streams into multiple, even surface films that create intimate gas/liquid contact at a low pressure drop. During operation, gas flows upward through a packed bed while scrubbing liquid flows down (by gravity) over the packing material. The counter-flow design principle offers optimal mass transfer.

Benefits of Mech-Chem's Scrubbers:

  • Very Small Footprint
  • Ease of Installation
  • Variable Packing Height
  • Local or Remote Blower
  • Local or remote control panel
  • Multiple Stages
  • Height & Width Flexibility

How a scrubber works

A scrubber uses the natural process of recirculating water decontaminating air – essentially the same process that occurs during a rainstorm, but made more efficient by technology and engineering.

1. Contaminated air is passed through the scrubber using either negative or positive pressure, created from a fan on either upstream or downstream from the scrubber unit.
2. The gas stream enters the scrubber unit near the bottom and travels up through the packed bed section (where the contaminants are actually separated from the gas).
3. The gas stream is vigorously exposed to the scrubber solution, through a demister assembly (to remove the liquid droplets from the exiting gas).
4. The clean gas stream is then discharged either to the atmosphere or routed back through the original process.

In order to provide the most economical solution for your off gas needs, the following is taken into account: volume of gas to be treated, type and concentration of contaminants and the required discharge limits. Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.’s engineers will work closely with you to design the system that will best fit your needs.