Wyman Gordon Case Study

The Structure of a Mech-Chem Project

Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. is a full-service engineering firm specializing in the design, engineering and construction of manufacturing facilities, operating processes, and environmental control systems. Our design and build expertise is in the following applications:

    • Acid Recovery/Reclamation Systems

  • Fume Scrubbers & Exhaust Systems
  • Bulk Storage Facilities and Piping Systems
  • Chemical Delivery Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment & Recovery Systems
  • Chemical Milling & Etching Systems
  • Vacuum Evaporators

Process Design Capabilities

Mech-Chem’s engineering professionals represent all the technical and engineering disciplines required for a complete process, system, or facility design including chemical, biochemical, geological, mechanical, architectural, structural, electrical, instrumentation, and environmental.

These professionals bring your production process, operating system, or recovery system from the conceptual design or development stage to full scale operation. At the beginning of each project, a complete analysis of the process, operating systems, and support utilities is made with the client by the design team.

An excellent example of our ability to design, engineer and construct complete systems is found is this Case Study of a project with the Wyman-Gordon Company.

Mech-Chem’s ability to design, engineer and build a compete, fully integrated system with PLC/PC automation and controls comes from our wide range of capabilities, as seen in our project development process:/

1. Preliminary Process Design

In the preliminary process design phase, Mech-Chem researches and studies each project for technical and economic feasibility. Mech-Chem utilizes and provides the following methods to assess the client’s process, equipment and control requirements:

  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Energy and Material Balance
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • Equipment and Facility Layout
  • Equipment/Mechanical Description
  • Instrumentation/Control Description

Mech-Chem provides a total and complete evaluation of the process design starting with the development of the Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID). The P&ID establishes the equipment sizing and defines the piping, controls, and instrumentation requirements for the processes and operating systems including the appropriate support utilities.

During this phase of the project design, the process and operating parameters are defined including equipment sizing, material of construction, and regulatory compliance. The energy and material balances for each of the unit operations and process support utilities are established.

To ensure that you will gain the greatest benefits from our efforts, Mech-Chem assists you in keeping an eye on the bottom line through:

  • Capital Cost Estimates
  • Operating Cost Estimates

This financial information makes it easier for you to budget your capital expenditures and determine your cash flow and Return On Investment (ROI).

Mech-Chem is interested in the financial success of the project as well as the technical and engineering viability of the design. Mech-Chem guarantees that the project will be built for the capital cost estimate provided in our preliminary engineering design.

2. Detailed Process Engineering and Design

At the completion of the Preliminary Process Design phase and approval by the client, Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. then completes the detailed process, system, or facility design, including:

  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • Process Equipment Layout
  • Architectural/Structural Drawings
  • Mechanical and Piping Drawings
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Drawings
  • Detailed Equipment Specifications
  • Construction Bid Packages

The detailed design phase of the project provides all the specifications and drawings necessary for the construction of the process, system, or facility, including required support utilities and structures to support the equipment.

Our clients’ systems and facilities are engineered and designed to assure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local codes, including:

  • Local Building Codes
  • EPA Environmental Regulations
  • OSHA Safety Regulations
  • NFPA Fire Protection Codes
  • BOCA Building Codes
  • API Codes
  • ASME Codes

The design drawings and specifications for construction are prepared in detail for architectural, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, and instrumentation. The design drawings for the various construction disciplines are prepared using AutoCAD, Release 14 and can be prepared using the client’s title block.

During the detailed design phase, Mech-Chem provides PE stamped drawings, as required, and can assist the client with obtaining environmental and construction permits.

3. Construction and Start-up

Being more than just a design firm, Mech-Chem provides turnkey construction for its systems and facilities. We procure and deliver the equipment to the plant site. We can also provide all the supervision, labor, and materials required for installation and construction including:

  • Equipment Procurement
  • Structural Construction
  • Equipment Delivery and Installation
  • Mechanical and Piping Installation
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Installation
  • System Start-Up and Operational Testing
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals

During the construction phase of the project, Mech-Chem maintains engineers on-site to manage and supervise all aspects of construction. We provide the appropriate technical and engineering personnel for the testing and start-up of the equipment, operating systems, utilities, and training of client’s personnel.

At the completion of the project, as-built drawings are prepared for the systems, facilities and utilities. In addition, the client is provided with operating and maintenance manuals and safety manuals for the equipment and operating processes.

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